International Phone Numbers

Do your customers abroad pay too much to call you? Are you looking to set up a virtual office abroad? sipgate offers international numbers in over 30 countries. Try sipgate trunking for free

International phone numbers 

Frequently Asked Questions

What international numbers does sipgate offer?

sipgate offers international numbers from 29 countries outside the UK. All numbers are callable from any network worldwide. International numbers are bookable only as single numbers and can be added via your sipgate account in the same way as UK numbers.

How much do international numbers cost?

International numbers are subject to a £12.90* booking fee and a £12.90* monthly fee. As soon as the number is ordered it is ready for use. There is no minimum term contract and international numbers can be cancelled at the end of each calendar month.

How quickly can I start using my new phone numbers?

Straight away! As soon as you have ordered a phone number, you can start using it. This is the case for both UK numbers and international numbers.

Can I use an international number for fax services?

Due to technical reasons, international numbers can only be used for voice calls. Therefore, they can’t be used for fax services.